American Red Cross CNA Training

The American Red Cross Association is one of the best known organizations in the world. It offers world-class medical care to the poor and underprivileged in almost every country worldwide. Apart from world class subsidized medical care, the American Red Cross also offers online and real time training courses for nurses and doctors. One of their most popular programs is the American Red Cross CNA training that is offered at a few centers in the US.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant helps sick and aging patients with their medications and their day to day duties like dressing, eating and walking. They can also provide patients with their medications and other simple tasks but they have to work under the supervision of a trained doctor or RN, Most trained CNAs are also trained to understand the medications that are prescribed to patients but they cannot write medical prescriptions for patients.

The American Red Cross CNA Training Course

The Nursing assistant program offered by the American Red Cross runs for just 4 weeks but it offers a range of comprehensive clinical and theoretical training for candidates. The courses are usually offered full time or part time at local Red Cross centers. You can find the closest teaching center by accessing the American Red Cross website. The website has a search engine and a map which will allow you find a local teaching center.  A few more details about the course are as follows.

  • Eligibility requirements

Participants must be at least 16 years of age and above. Clinical experience is not mandatory but make sure you list any work experience in the form along with references. There will also be a mandatory TB test and criminal background check. This is because only 15 to 20 students are accepted into the course. Before enrolling in the course, you will have to complete a mandatory orientation session and pass a reading test. Some centers also require a physical test to evaluate the ability of the student to work for extended periods of time.

  • Course details

The course will cost anywhere from $600 to about $1250. This range is because some centers will provide textbooks, a blood pressure kit and workbooks. This price may also include the cost of the blood test, vaccinations, uniforms, stethoscopes, certification fee and a background check. A few centers do offer scholarships and grants but you will have to check with the center you have chosen. You can choose to attend the course full time at the center or through an online teaching mode. Students have to complete 75 hours to 120 hours of training and then sit for a final exam. The final exam is held by the state licensing authorities and it offers the title of CNA or certified nursing assistant to the student.

The American Red Cross CNA program is a very useful program for students. The association provides intensive training and most candidates can use the work experience and the degree to continue their nursing education.

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