CNA Salary and Pay Scale

Individuals with a caring and patient nature and an aptitude for working with others may consider a career in patient care. One of the routes on this career path is becoming a certified nursing assistant, also known as a CNA. One of the most pertinent questions that an individual need determine is what a CNA salary is.

When seeking information about a CNA salary it is important to research. The source should be a reliable one and provide a nice amount of useful data. One of the most utilized sources for career information comes from the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It began as a bound edition that covered an array of different careers, salaries and training information. The information can now be found online making for easy access. Anyone with internet access can search and find career information including about a certified nursing assistant. This information is compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They compile and analyze career information and extrapolate relevant trends.

Average CNA Salary

The average CNA salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website is $25,620 as of July 2013.

Highest Paying Employers

The employers that pay the highest CNA salaries are the hospitals, both general hospitals and those that provide surgical care.

Highest/Lowest Paying States

CNAs will also want to know what states have the highest and lowest salary for their profession. The two highest paying states for this career are Alaska and New York. According to the lowest paying state for CNAs is Louisiana.

What Increases CNA Salary?

There are certain things that can increase this salary. This includes industry, experience and location. Working in a higher paying state will yield these workers a larger paycheck as does having more experience and working in a higher paying industry. The industry that sees the highest pay is the Federal Executive Branch according to information from the Department of Labor. Additional skills that can boost salary include foreign language skills. The ability to interact with patients that speak another language is a skill that is highly sought after by employers in this field.

What is the Job Outlook for CNA?

The job outlook is seen as very positive and projected to grow at a higher than average rate of 20 percent. This is an important consideration as prospective nursing assistants are often anxious to know what a future career will hold.

CNA duties

During a typical day a nursing assistant performs a variety of jobs. They are responsible for providing much needed bathing assistance to sick and injured patients and individuals. They help them get dressed and comb and brush their hair. They record health data such as vital signs (blood pressure, breathing rate and temperature) that is later used and interpreted by other members of the health care team. They may also help with the feeding of individuals as well. They may work in nursing homes, hospitals as well as in home health care settings. They work with and often under the supervision of vocational and registered nurses.

CNA Training

Often CNAs learn their skills during a training program. Often they are required to hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. During the course students learn patient care techniques and gain experience during clinical work where they are supervised and guided. After completing the course CNAs also must demonstrate competency in skills and knowledge as assessed by a state exam. Passing this exam is what earns the nursing assistant the title of certified. They are then place in a registry that can be searched. Depending on the employer other requirements may be necessary including a criminal background screening. CNAs may also be required to complete continuing education to keep their credentials current.

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